Audi S7 dimensions

Latest model: Audi S7 Sedan (2012)
Length: 196.1 (in) = 4980 (mm)
Width: 84.2 (in) = 2139 (mm)
Height: 55.4 (in) = 1408 (mm)

Compare Audi S7 dimensions to: Audi S6

Audi S7 details:

Audi infuses more adrenaline into the trend toward coupe-style sedans with the 2012 Audi S7. Audi S7 Sedan offers the following pros: Strong performance with good fuel efficiency; adjustable driving dynamics; wagonlike space and versatility; distinctive styling; sublime dashboard. Audi S7 Sedan drawbacks are: Likely higher price than S6; tight rear-seat headroom.
Audi S7 coloring