BMW 320si dimensions

Latest model: BMW 320si (2006)
Length: 178.5 (in) = 4535 (mm)
Width: 72.6 (in) = 1845 (mm)
Height: 53.1 (in) = 1350 (mm)

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BMW 320si details:

The E90 automobile platform is the fifth and latest generation of BMW's 3 Series entry-level luxury vehicle / compact executive vehicle. It replaced the E46 sedan and touring models in 2005. The E90's dimensions are larger than its predecessor's in each parameter, and for the first time since the E21, the volume model 320i uses an Inline-4 motor. However, despite the change for the sedan and touring models, the current 3 series coupé, M3, and cabriolet variants are still based upon the E46.

First provided to the sphere in March 2005, it had rapidly become BMW Group's best selling automobile worldwide by the end of the year with 229900, cars provided.

The E90 sedan is 49 mm longer than the E46 equivalent, 78 mm wider, 9 mm taller and the wheelbase has been increased by 35 mm. As a result, the current 3 Series is only slightly smaller than a 5 Series from the 1980s.

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