BMW 325Ci dimensions

Latest model: BMW 325Ci Coupe (2004)
Length: 176.7 (in) = 4488 (mm)
Width: 69.2 (in) = 1758 (mm)
Height: 53.9 (in) = 1369 (mm)

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BMW 325Ci details:

The E46 automobile platform is the fourth generation of BMW's highly successful 3 Series entry-level luxury vehicle / compact executive vehicle. It was presented in 1998 and replaced the E36 sedans the same year. The touring and coupé models appeared for 2000, and the compact version for 2001. Despite being presented last, the E46 compact was the first to be replaced when 1 Series was launched in September 2004.

The E46 underwent a facelift for 2002, which included refactored headlights, new bumpers and a stiffer chassis. Also, the 316i and 318i models received new, more comprehensive engines.

In mid-2005 the E46 sedans were phased out in favour of the new E90. The E46 touring was also replaced later that year. As of May 2006, the E46 remains in production as coupé, convertible and M3. The E92 coupé is expected to hit the sphere in September 2006. When the remaining E90 versions will appear is still uncertain, hence the production of the E46 probably continues well into 2007.

BMW 325Ci coloring