BMW 530Li dimensions

Latest model: BMW 530Li (2007)
Length: 196.1 (in) = 4981 (mm)
Width: 72.7 (in) = 1846 (mm)
Height: 58.1 (in) = 1477 (mm)

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BMW 530Li details:

The ideal mix of driving dynamics and motoring convenience is now available in truly cool style: Focusing exclusively on the Chinese sphere, German luxury carmaker BMW has designed three brand-new models. The BMW 530li, BMW 525li and BMW 523li provide impressive performance combined with the supreme dashboard convenience of a particularly premium Enterprise Saloon, extending the line-up of BMW 5-series models already highly successful in China. The most conspicuous look option versus the models already established in the sphere is the increase in wheelbase by 140 millimetres or 5. 5 inches.

In particular, this extra room benefits the passengers on the back seatings, where grand touring convenience in the BMW 5-series now reaches a level never seen before. A further enhancement is the back control panel with its integrated entertainment system designed especially for the BMW 530li and BMW 525li. Introducing the new BMW 530li, BMW 525li and BMW 523li built at the Shenyang Plant in the Province of Liaoning, German carmaker BMW is once again emphasising its clear orientation towards the Chinese vehicle sphere with its particular demands and requirements.

The new BMW 530li, BMW 525li and BMW 523li meet all expectations in terms of driving dynamics. Transmission of performance to the back axle, ideal axle load distribution, the modern aluminium suspension, and weight-optimised construction give the long versions of the BMW 5-series a traditional of agility exceptional in their class. The new models are driven by straight-six performance units representing the state-of-the-art in BMW motor development. The 3. 0-litre in the BMW 530li develops maximum output of 190 Kw/258 hp. Displacing 2. 5 litres in every case, the BMW 525li provides maximum output of 160 Kw/218 hp while the BMW 523 Li develops 130 Kw/177 hp.

BMW 530Li coloring