BMW 730d dimensions

Latest model: BMW 730d (2009)
Length: 198.4 (in) = 5039 (mm)
Width: 74.9 (in) = 1902 (mm)
Height: 58.7 (in) = 1491 (mm)

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BMW 730d details:

Top standards and demands newly defined: Introducing the fifth generation of the BMW 7-series Luxury Saloon, the world's most successful maker of luxury vehicles is setting the benchmark once again, proving how sheer driving pleasure and the pleasure of exclusive generosity may be perfectly combined in the ultimate symbiosis.

The new BMW 7-series is the result of perfection in layout and supreme engineering on the drivetrain, on the chassis, in terms of security systems, driver assistance, and convenience. And at the same time the sophisticated but very modern dashboard proves that both driving and riding in the new BMW 7-series is a truly cool experience the driver and all passengers will enjoy at all times.

The high-performance and outstandingly efficient engines as well as the suspension technology of the new BMW 7-series are both quite original in the luxury saloon segment. Two petrol engines with Twin Turbo technology and High Precision Injection - the 300 Kw/407 hp V8 in the top-of-the-range BMW 750li and the 240 Kw/326 hp straight-six in the new BMW 740i - as well as a newly designed straight-six diesel with common-rail fuel injection, piezo-injectors and an aluminium crankcase with maximum output of 180 Kw/245 hp in the new BMW 730d are available right from the start upon the introduction of the vehicle. All performance units provide the highest traditional of efficiency in their respective class and comply in full with the EU 5 emission traditional. The new BMW 7-series comes as traditional with Dynamic Damper Control including Dynamic Driving Control operated by the touch of a control on the centre control panel.

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