Buick LeSabre dimensions

Latest model: Buick LeSabre Sedan (2005)
Length: 200 (in) = 5080 (mm)
Width: 73.5 (in) = 1867 (mm)
Height: 57 (in) = 1448 (mm)

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Buick LeSabre details:

A crowd-pleasing big sedan that provides room, security and surprisingly good mileage in a high-value and economical suite. Buick Lesabre Sedan offers the following pros: Space for six, impressive mileage from V6, smooth ride, tremendous cargo, solid crash test scores. Buick Lesabre Sedan drawbacks are: Dated dashboard look-and-feel, can be slow when fully loaded, no split-folding back bench.
Buick LeSabre coloring