Buick Lucerne dimensions

Latest model: Buick Lucerne Sedan (2011)
Length: 203.2 (in) = 5161 (mm)
Width: 73.8 (in) = 1875 (mm)
Height: 58 (in) = 1473 (mm)

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Buick Lucerne details:

Quiet, spacious cabin; available six-passenger seating; big trunk; intuitive controls. Buick Lucerne Sedan offers the following pros: Sloppy handling with traditional suspension; weak V6 engine; subpar brakes; dated four-speed automatic transmission. Buick Lucerne Sedan drawbacks are: The 2011 Buick Lucerne deserves only minor upgrades, including streamlined versions, new stereo systems and traditional stability control on all models.
Buick Lucerne coloring