Chery Jaggi dimensions

Latest model: Chery Jaggi (2011)
Length: 163.4 (in) = 4150 (mm)
Width: 64.6 (in) = 1640 (mm)
Height: 60.4 (in) = 1535 (mm)

Chery Jaggi details:

The basis for creating an updated Chery Jaggi was the concept of "trendy mini-car" which owing to its technical characteristics, features of the body structure and chassis settings, offers a level of comfort, spaciousness in the cabin, and manageability that are characteristic liftbekam higher class.

Chery Jaggi equipped with mechanical and electronic security systems and interactive set of "smart" electronic equipment, this high-tech liftbek combines comfort, affordability and efficiency. This model is chosen by people who want high-tech car that does not require significant maintenance costs.

Despite the affordable price Cherie Jagger has a wide selection of kits, which are different set of equipment available. The model is available with power units of 1 and 1.3 liters, with a capacity of 68 and 83 hp and a manual transmission into five stages. The combination of small size and relatively powerful engine allows this model to demonstrate excellent dynamic performance.

Chery Jaggi coloring