Chery M11 dimensions

Latest model: Chery M11 Sedan (2012)
Length: 171.3 (in) = 4352 (mm)
Width: 70.6 (in) = 1794 (mm)
Height: 57.6 (in) = 1464 (mm)

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Chery M11 details:

Chery M11 Sedan - this is one of the most interesting developments in the model number of the Chinese manufacturer, which is gaining more and more popular. In Chery M11 Sedan Sedan has something of interest, because the appearance of "Chinaman" was developed with the design company with a worldwide reputation - Pininfarina. Thanks to the participation of Italians, the model was able to get rid of one of the biggest drawbacks of Chinese cars - non-original appearance, which is easy to learn features of the models from other manufacturers, and find its own unique "person."

Chery M11 Sedan - a graceful and elegant car with a streamlined silhouette and expressive mirrors, lenses and grille. The car looks dynamic and rapid, which emphasizes the strong lines and a large body tilt the windshield. Reproach cars Chery M11 in the lack of protection are people in it impossible. The developers of this model have tried to equip it with all possible elements of both active and passive safety.

The car body is deformed in a collision on a special script that allows you to minimize the risk to life and health of passengers and the driver of the car. Best protect their racks are designed and fortified vehicle. It is also equipped with the M11 sedan Cherie seat belts with pretensioners and a full complement of airbags, including a special inflatable "curtain" that in the event of an emergency to protect the heads of people injured by broken glass. Do not forget about the creators of the car and child safety: rear seats are equipped with Chery M11 Sedan special ISO-FIX attachments for child seats.

Chery M11 coloring