Chery QQ dimensions

Latest model: Chery QQ (S11) (2006)
Length: 139.8 (in) = 3550 (mm)
Width: 58.9 (in) = 1495 (mm)
Height: 58.5 (in) = 1485 (mm)

Compare Chery QQ dimensions to: Chery Kimo, Daewoo Matiz

Chery QQ details:

A small car Chery QQ S11 is perfect for the urban environment. His colors - very bright colors (yellow, red, green, silver), which has positioned him as a youth or women's car. Exterior Chery QQ like Daewoo Matiz. Despite these dimensions, the car is quite roomy inside. Interior is much richer than the machines of the same class. The list of equipment Chery QQ air conditioning, electric mirrors and windows, remote keyless entry, power steering, alloy wheels and audio system.

Chery QQ Buyer can choose between two engines: a volume of 0.8 liters or 1.1 liters in volume. With such a small amount of motor vehicle "eat" only 5-6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers of highway. Each, even the most insignificant detail has been planned so that you do not want to part with this baby. That is what is the distinguishing feature of the car Chery QQ.

Chery QQ coloring