Chevrolet Lacetti dimensions

Latest model: Chevrolet Lacetti Hatchback (2006)
Length: 169.1 (in) = 4295 (mm)
Width: 67.9 (in) = 1725 (mm)
Height: 56.9 (in) = 1445 (mm)

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Chevrolet Lacetti details:

Born in 2004 as a Daewoo and rebranded in 2005 as a Chevy, the Lacetti is a mid-sized family car that’s slightly smaller than Ford’s Focus.

It is good value and has a splash of style, too, having been designed by Italian studio Italdesign.

This hatchback and its saloon brother were available from Day One (when it was still a Daewoo), and the estate was introduced when General Motors rebranded the range as Chevrolet. Like all Lacettis, this hatch is reasonably practical, with generous rear legroom and a large boot, with split/fold rear seats.

The cabin design is straightforward, with a good, adjustable driving position and plenty of stowage.

On the road, the Lacetti is reasonably comfortable, but doesn’t like being driven hard. The transmission isn't terribly smooth, the steering lacks feedback and the gearbox is far from slick. Refinement is disappointing, too, with plenty of engine and wind noise in the cabin.

Chevrolet Lacetti coloring