Citroen DS3 dimensions

Latest model: Citroen DS3 hatchback (2010)
Length: 0.3 (in) = 8 (mm)
Width: 67.5 (in) = 1715 (mm)
Height: 58.4 (in) = 1483 (mm)

Compare Citroen DS3 dimensions to: Mini Cooper

Citroen DS3 details:

Citroen expects big things of the DS3. It will go into battle with the likes of the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500, but unlike those models, Citroen refuses to go down the retro route of building a pastiche of an iconic model.

Instead it has created a fashionable hatchback which looks thoroughly modern, and all the better for it. This clean-sheet approach has allowed Citroen to design without being constrained by design cues penned many years ago.

The results are impressive. Even without dipping into the vast list of personalisation options, the Citroen DS3 really stands out from the pack. Its LED daytime running strips – unique in its class – the “shark fin” kick up line on its flanks, and the roof, which appears to float without the aid of pillars all add up to make this one very distinctive little car.

Citroen is keen to emulate the success Mini has experienced with its accessories, and expects many DS3 buyers to choose from different body and roof colour combinations, roof graphics, alloys wheels, interior trim, mats and gear levers. The DS3 is a prime candidate for this kind of individualism, with its funky, fashionable appearance.

Citroen DS3 coloring