Dodge Grand Caravan dimensions

Latest model: Dodge Grand Caravan (2011)
Length: 202.8 (in) = 5151 (mm)
Width: 78.7 (in) = 1999 (mm)
Height: 67.9 (in) = 1725 (mm)

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Dodge Grand Caravan details:

In the company's Dodge confident that a large family car should not condemn the owner of boredom on the road. Therefore, engineers have modified the brand thoroughly reconfigured and all suspension components model Dodge Grand Caravan, motor mechanics radically revised its engine line, and stylists skillfully adjusted imidzh.Gabarity car have not changed, only the reduced height of up to 1738 mm due to the underestimation of the suspension by 12 mm. Worked on the Dodge Grand Caravan exterior designers have transformed the appearance of a minivan chopped unemotional. Bumpers and hood with a more pronounced hump added sports and family avtoombilyu aggression. In addition, Dodge stylists have smoothed corners falshradiatornoy lattice and the head of optics.

More sculpture became fodder Dodge Grand Caravan. In addition, it revived the rear lights with LED kruglyashami.Schelknuv toggle switch, the driver can put the transmission in the regime of moderate fuel consumption. Moreover, on a plan design, promote tire with low rolling resistance tires and a spoiler on the trunk door. Dodge Grand Caravan is richly equipped. Already in the "base" is a set of airbags, including for the protection of the driver's knees, ESP, and system access. Available at an additional charge of rain and light sensors, plus parking assist with rearview camera.

Dodge Grand Caravan coloring