Fiat Freemont dimensions

Latest model: Fiat Freemont (2012)
Length: 192.5 (in) = 4890 (mm)
Width: 74 (in) = 1880 (mm)
Height: 67.7 (in) = 1720 (mm)

Fiat Freemont details:

The Fiat Freemont is the first Fiat car to be manufactured in partnership with the Chrysler Group. Its very name evokes a sense of freedom, and the feeling that this car can face up to any situation that each day life might bring. The Fiat Freemont has been developed to meet the diverse needs of families and clients seeking a roomy, convenient and versatile car to cater to the frenetic pace of everyday life. Further, to transport them safely and comfortably during their weekend leisure time. This car features flexibility and practicality with its own distinctive and original style. Its dimensions (489 cm in length, 188 cm wide and 169 cm high) ensure optimum internal room, due to the generous wheelbase of 289 cm.

In short, the Fiat Freemont is All the vehicle you want: this is the claim of the advertising campaign which succinctly sums up the vehicle's multi-faceted soul, equipped with everything you need to go where you want, with whoever you want, no compromises required.

Its characteristic layout contains a strong and muscular front end and a back which is distinguished by high-tech LED tail lights. The dashboards are modern with soft touch materials. Features include a wrap-around dash with chrome components, a brand-new instrument panel, a striking center control panel and an high-tech infotainment system with a 4. 3 colour touch-screen. Several car functions can be controlled with just a light touch on the display, including the temperature options for the three climate-controlled areas and audio system adjustment. The system provides unrivalled technology, with its Radio/cd/mp3, USB port, AUX socket and Bluetooth connectivity.

Fiat Freemont coloring