Fisker Surf dimensions

Latest model: Fisker Surf (2013)
Length: 196 (in) = 4978 (mm)
Width: 78 (in) = 1981 (mm)
Height: 55 (in) = 1397 (mm)

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Fisker Surf details:

In a layout masterstroke, Fisker Auto has created a completely original vehicle: the first electric luxury/sports automobile for an active and eco-friendly lifestyle. The Fisker Surf builds on the success of the ground-breaking Karma Electric Car with extended range (ever) by adding add-on, customizable load-carrying capability, along with a spirited new attitude all its own.

Fisker Surf features performance, luxury, style, utility, and economy with an enduring concern for the sustainable use of resources and respect for our natural environment.

As a global company Fisker Auto will provide the Fisker Surf in all its markets around the world for the 2013 model year. The Fisker Surf will create a new niche and open new buyer markets for Fisker, by attractive to those looking for this original blend of advanced technology, high-tech layout and environmental sensitivity, with added versatility. Europe, in particular, has demonstrated a historic fondness for sport-wagon layout, and it is there where Fisker anticipates strong demand.

Fisker Surf coloring