Honda City dimensions

Latest model: Honda City (2009)
Length: 173 (in) = 4395 (mm)
Width: 67.5 (in) = 1715 (mm)
Height: 57.9 (in) = 1470 (mm)

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Honda City details:

The compact sedan is a radical departure from the previous generation vehicle, with a totally new look style, featuring some visual components of the stylish Accord. The restyled look is joined by a new 1. 4 I-vtec motor, which gives the Honda City significantly more performance and better performance.

The new motor, which is also shared with the new Honda Jazz is fitted with Honda's acclaimed I-vtec system, which offers impressive performance and flexibility, without compromising fuel efficiency or emissions. The new motor gives the Honda City 100PS, a healthy 17 PS increase over the previous model. This extra performance helps the new Honda City full the benchmark 0-100 km/h in just 11. 8 seconds for the manual version, an improvement of 1. 6 seconds. The automatic version hits 100 in 14. 7 seconds, almost half a second quicker than before.

The manual transmission for Honda City is a modified version of the current gearbox, with carbon synchromesh for smoother changes, enhanced refinement and a new set of optimised gear ratios. The Automatic transmission is all-new and adds the feature to shift gears with helm mounted paddles for the first time. With a sport mode, enhanced shift logic and ratios the new transmission better compliments the new car's more comprehensive motor.

Honda City coloring