Honda NSX dimensions

Latest model: Honda NSX (2002)
Length: 173.4 (in) = 4405 (mm)
Width: 71.3 (in) = 1810 (mm)
Height: 46.1 (in) = 1170 (mm)

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Honda NSX details:

The Honda NSX (acura Honda NSX in North America and Hong Kong) is a sports vehicle manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer Honda. It has a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive design, an all-aluminium body and chassis, a V6 motor (the C32B) that produces 216 Kw (290 bhp) and 304 N·m (224 ft·lbf) of torque. Honda NSX stands for "new Sports Experimental".

Honda ended production of the Honda NSX in 2005, 15 years after the first Honda NSX was built. The last vehicles were built in September for the European sphere and December for North America. For most of its life, it was the most expensive Japanese vehicle in many markets.

Upon its release in 1990, the Honda NSX was a layout ahead of its time. It was the first time that a Japanese manufacturer had made a vehicle to compete against the offers of the conventional European exotic vehicle manufacturers and the famous Chevrolet Corvette. Besides competing against these manufacturers the vehicle was also tailored to showcase Honda's racing technology, exemplified by the Honda Nsx's titanium connecting rods. The vehicle was developed with the input of Ayrton Senna.

Honda NSX coloring