Hyundai i10 dimensions

Latest model: Hyundai i10 hatchback (2012)
Length: 140.4 (in) = 3565 (mm)
Width: 62.8 (in) = 1595 (mm)
Height: 60.6 (in) = 1540 (mm)

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Hyundai i10 details:

Smooth lines of corps of Hyundai i10 (Khyunday i10) successfully combine with the showy grate of radiator and large headlights, that gives a car original original appearance. Restaylingovyy khetchbek Hyundai i10 is executed in brandname style of brand, which is already used for the crossover of ix35 and fivelocal mikrovena ix20.

In spite of small sizes of khetchbeka, it is enough in the salon of Khyunday of i10 place, what a high basket and vertical landing is instrumental in. Lever of switching of mechanical gear-box, located on a small podium next to a helm. Therefore far reaching after him is not needed. The seat of driver is equipped regulation of height, this option unoften meets in the cars of and-class.

Under the hood of Hyundai i10 can be disposed three-cylinder engine by volume of one litre by power of 68 l.s. (50 kW). Speed a 100 km of /chas develops for 14,8 seconds and allows to be dispersed a to 150 km of /ch. Second variant of engine - more dynamic, by the volume of 1,3-litre and moschost'yu 85 l.s., which disperses a machine after 12,2 cut to hundred, and high speed is a 169 km in a hour.

Hyundai i10 coloring