Hyundai i800 dimensions

Latest model: Hyundai i800 MPV (2008)
Length: 201.8 (in) = 5125 (mm)
Width: 75.6 (in) = 1920 (mm)
Height: 75.8 (in) = 1925 (mm)

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Hyundai i800 details:

When you've got a van-sized car like the Hyundai i800 which needs to carry eight people with their luggage, there's only so much you can do to disguise the bulk. Hyundai has done a pretty good job, with privacy glass that gives the Hyundai i800 more of a limousine-look than a commercial car with windows. The sharply rising bonnet, big headlights and over-sized grille all work well too, and while no one could call the Hyundai i800 beautiful, it's not a bad layout at all.

The key problem with most Mpvs is that once there are lots of people loaded in, there's nowhere for their luggage to go. That's not a problem from which the Hyundai i800 suffers though, as even with eight people inside there's a decently sized boot. It's not all good news though, because not only is the back bench fixed, but none of the chairs can be removed altogether. The luggage bay is only roomy because of that fixed third row if it could be slid rear it would no-cost up some room for the middle row. As it is, accommodating half a dozen six footers isn't simple, which is odd considering how large this vehicle is. What's worse, because the seating isn't removable, the boot room is fixed at 851 litres, which is about the same as for a Kia Picanto with the back seatings folded forward.

There's just the one trim level in the Hyundai i800 line-up. Named Style, it packs in the traditional kit without the need to resort to the features list to create a convenient vehicle. Traditional equipment contains air-con with controls for the middle row, 16-inch alloy wheels and parking sensors at the back. Electric front windows, electrically adjustable mirrors, heated driver's bench, multi-function helm and privacy glass are also included. The only features are metallic or mica paint, Smartnav sat-nav and half-leather trim.

Hyundai i800 coloring