Kia Mohave dimensions

Latest model: Kia Mohave (2012)
Length: 192.1 (in) = 4880 (mm)
Width: 75.4 (in) = 1915 (mm)
Height: 71.3 (in) = 1810 (mm)

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Kia Mohave details:

Philosophy of car Kia Mohave (Kia Mokhave) absorbed in itself scaleneness and elegance. This car was specially developed in an order to satisfy the queries of people which conduct the active way of life. Kia Mohave with the engine of V8 most powerful from all monogynopaedium of cars of Kia.

On October, 10 at the Russian market the sales of Kia Mohave start 2012 model years. The leader of line of vnedorozhnikov of Kia is accessible both with a diesel and by petrol engines.

The diesel version of Mohave 2012 model years (250 l.s., 549 Nm) is now equipped a 8-step hydro. Due to a new transmission Mohave became more dynamic and economical: dispersed to 100 km/h for 9 seconds, the expense of fuel in the mixed loop makes a 9,3 litre on a 100 km The supply of motion exceeded a 1 000 km.

Kia Mohave coloring