Kia Opirus dimensions

Latest model: Kia Opirus (2005)
Length: 196.9 (in) = 5000 (mm)
Width: 72.8 (in) = 1850 (mm)
Height: 58.5 (in) = 1485 (mm)

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Kia Opirus details:

Kia Opirus is the new pinnacle of the Kia range. It introduces a significant new move for Kia Motors as the company introduces a top-of-the-range passenger vehicle onto the international sphere for the very first time. Kia Opirus will head the Korean brand´s renewed challenge to penetrate new markets around the globe.

In Europe, Kia Opirus offers a major step for Kia into sectors of the sphere previously unexplored by the make. Kia Opirus will move the brand´s picture further away from its outdated perception as merely a manufacturer of inexpensive, high volume, family vehicles. Never before has a Korean vehicle provided buyers such a powerful range of sophisticated security and driving technologies. Neve7r before has a Kia offering set out to create such an imposing presence on the roads of Europe.

Distinctively styled in-house in Korea, but with numerous European layout cues in mind, Kia adopted a refined ´neo-classical´ theme for the creation of its new main model. Elegant lines, with well-balanced proportions give the five-metre, five-seater sedan timeless look look-and-feel to envelope and protect the premium convenience and high-tech technologies within.

Kia Opirus coloring