Kia Ray dimensions

Latest model: Kia Ray (2012)
Length: 141.5 (in) = 3595 (mm)
Width: 62.8 (in) = 1595 (mm)
Height: 66.9 (in) = 1700 (mm)

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Kia Ray details:

Kia Motors has launched the first official pictures of its all-new Kia Ray compact car, which will be sold exclusively in the Korean home sphere.

The Kia Ray city vehicle will offer buyers with economical motoring and a roomy and highly versatile dashboard, while standing out from the crowd due to its striking box-type look layout. Powertrain features will be announced closer to the yet-to-be confirmed release date.

Kia Ray features a easy, modern silhouette and distinctive look, plus maximized dashboard room for both passengers and trunk.

Kia Ray coloring