Lancia Ypsilon dimensions

Latest model: Lancia Ypsilon (2012)
Length: 151.2 (in) = 3840 (mm)
Width: 65.7 (in) = 1670 (mm)
Height: 59.4 (in) = 1510 (mm)

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Lancia Ypsilon details:

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show was the setting of the world premiere of the new Lancia Ypsilon, a small main that in just 3. 84 metres packs the best of Italian style, innovation and eco-friendliness. For the first time it is proposed in a 5-door version developed to provide even greater comfort and convenience to devotees of Lancia charm, technological excellence and original style.

At the heart of the Lancia Ypsilon's layout is an original approach to the luxury vehicle concept that redefines the meaning of the word luxury, fascinating those who seek originality and character, those who love technology and elegance, and those who admire class and innovation. With Lancia Ypsilon, luxury becomes something original that triggers an emotion, the pleasure of owning but without pretentious screen, the search for uniqueness in any space, the statement of one's true personality without enabling himself to be swayed by the judgements of others.

The new Lancia Ypsilon, which will be on the sphere from June across key European markets and from September in Great Britain and Ireland with the Chrysler make, is the fourth series of the successful model - over one and a half million cars currently on the road - born in 1985 when the Y10 arrived at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a miniature main with style and content features never seen before on an economy vehicle of the day, marking that forerunner spirit that was to accompany the model until today. It was the Lancia Y's turn in 1996: elegant, elite, with a strong personality that reinforced the concept of customized luxury. Hence we arrived in 2003 when the third generation, the Lancia Ypsilon, brought to the world of city-cars the technology and class till then exclusively reserved for models in higher segments.

Lancia Ypsilon coloring