Lexus IS 300 dimensions

Latest model: Lexus IS 300 Sedan (2005)
Length: 176.6 (in) = 4486 (mm)
Width: 67.9 (in) = 1725 (mm)
Height: 55.5 (in) = 1410 (mm)

Compare Lexus IS 300 dimensions to: BMW 330i, BMW 325i, Infiniti G35, Audi A4

Lexus IS 300 details:

Can't match the BMW 3 Series, but its mix of price tag, performance and luxury features make the Lexus IS 300 a very intriguing sport sedan or wagon. Lexus IS 300 Sedan offers the following pros: Impressive driving dynamics, slick dashboard decor, competitive pricing. Lexus IS 300 Sedan drawbacks are: Small back bench and cargo, not much cargo room, aging layout struggles to keep up with its more modern competition.
Lexus IS 300 coloring