Mazda Demio dimensions

Latest model: Mazda Demio (2000)
Length: 149.6 (in) = 3800 (mm)
Width: 65.7 (in) = 1669 (mm)
Height: 60.4 (in) = 1534 (mm)

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Mazda Demio details:

The Mazda DEMIO is an owner-friendly, 5-door compact of the B-segment class. It has created a totally new genre in compact vehicles via its class-leading room utility, practicality, and versatility.

The Mazda Demio's outer dimensions are as follows: overallength - 3808, mm; width - 1670, mm (1650, mm without side protector mouldings); and height - 1535, mm (1500, mm without roof rails). By using a compact powertrain and adopting a squarish layout, a class-leading roomy dashboard is realized. These dashboard dimensions are: front seatings have 1022, mm of head space, 1034, (997: right-hand-drive model) mm of leg space and 1312, mm of shoulder space. Back seatings have 980 mm of head space, 894 mm of leg space (when the back bench slide is at traditional position) and 1300, mm of shoulder space. (models equipped with a sunroof have headroom of 990 mm in the front and 922 mm in the back. )in particular, multi-function back seatings enable arrangements for more convenient seats room or luggage room according to customers' needs. Setting the hip point of every bench, high results in a wider view and more convenient ride. Coupled with wide doors, it is ceasy to get in and out of the Mazda DEMIO with the minimal body movements.

A newly designed, transversely mounted motor, the type B3 1. 3-litre, achieves dynamic performance and low fuel consumption in daily use. This SOHC 16-valve water-cooled inline 4-cylinder motor with multi-port fuel injection is provided with two versions: one with a maximum output of 53 Kw /5500, rpm (EEC) and maximum torque of 105 Nrn/3500, rpm (EEC), and the other with 46 Kw/5000, rpm (EEC) and 103 Nrn/3000, rpm (EEC). The type F25-R 5-speed manual transmission is provided with the gear ratios suited tor performance and economy.

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