Renault Logan MCV dimensions

Latest model: Renault Logan MCV (2012)
Length: 176.1 (in) = 4473 (mm)
Width: 68.5 (in) = 1740 (mm)
Height: 64.6 (in) = 1640 (mm)

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Renault Logan MCV details:

The aspiration for the optimal combination of performance and a high level of comfort in the car, the concept served to create a Renault Logan MCV (Renault Logan sedan). In fact, hard to find an analogue of such a stunning combination of versatility, among other cars. Apart of excellent performance, we note a fairly good car design. The fact that Logan MCV is designed to give some serious goals hinged baggage doors, but that does not mean that it looks too brutal. Elongated body shape, concise grating and optics, a good circular windows. Yes, Renault Logan MCV undeniably beautiful multi-car!

Renault Logan MCV - is offered in five-seater and seven-seat versions. Back rows are added, and the luggage compartment is modulated due to partial folding seats. As a result, storage capacity varies from 700 liters (200 for seven-seat version) up to 2350 liters with the seats folded second and third rows.

Shop versatile Renault Logan has become a benchmark for comparing the degree of spaciousness for the crystals of several classes of cars, including compact minivans, medium, and business classes. Logan MCV - a truly unique car!

Renault Logan MCV coloring