Renault Trafic dimensions

Latest model: Renault Trafic Combi (2007)
Length: 204 (in) = 5182 (mm)
Width: 75 (in) = 1904 (mm)
Height: 76.9 (in) = 1954 (mm)

Compare Renault Trafic dimensions to: Ford Transit

Renault Trafic details:

Cab Renault Trafic has improved ergonomics. Front seats with armrests and adjustable lumbar support (depending on modification) prevent the driver and passenger fatigue. The gear lever is built into the dashboard, making it easy to switch gears. In addition, it is equipped with numerous and convenient for everyday use storage compartments and pockets.

On any road and in any type of motion Renault Trafic withstand perfect trajectory. Excellent resistance creates a type of front suspension McPherson and stabilizer bar. The rear suspension is made on a flexible beam improved design, hydraulic dampers and variable stiffness elements. It adapts to how busy the car and ensures perfect stability on the road.

Many systems can recognize and avoid danger. Large body glazing Renault Traffic improves visibility. The high seating position and outside mirrors with increased review reduce dead zone.

Renault Trafic coloring