Skoda Praktik dimensions

Latest model: Skoda Praktik (2010)
Length: 165.9 (in) = 4214 (mm)
Width: 66.3 (in) = 1684 (mm)
Height: 63.3 (in) = 1607 (mm)

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Skoda Praktik details:

Skoda Praktik, differs from the usual Rumstera reinforced undercarriage and does not have rear glazing. A vehicle with a luggage compartment volume of 1,900 liters is capable of accommodating up to 640 kg of cargo.

A successful entrepreneur puts into his work, almost all! It is efficient, flexible, versatile and easy - and he expects the same from the people who work with him. The same he expects from his car. Skoda Praktik - assistant, always ready to support the pursuit of business goals.

This two-seater utility vehicle offers comfort and ease of maneuvering, and looks like a passenger car. At the same time, it has sufficient size to meet the needs of business enterprises of small and medium businesses. Space available for cargo far more than the amount that can be assumed, given the compact Skoda Practitioner.

Skoda Praktik coloring