Skoda Roomster dimensions

Latest model: Skoda Roomster Scout estate (2010)
Length: 166.9 (in) = 4240 (mm)
Width: 66.7 (in) = 1695 (mm)
Height: 65 (in) = 1650 (mm)

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Skoda Roomster details:

With chunky bumpers, classy alloy wheels and a beefy bodykit, the Skoda Roomster Scout looks the part, and appears prettier than the traditional Skoda Roomster it is based upon. The slightly curious side profile of curvy windows on the front doors, and a square cut layout on the rearmost, as well as the back door handle hidden in the C pillar still remain, but appear toned down due to the more muscular stance of the Scout. Despite the 4×4 inspired looks, it doesn't have any off-road ability and remains as a two-wheel-drive vehicle.

due to its tall, upright stance, the amount of room inside the Skoda Roomster is phenomenal. Packing considerably more space inside that the Renault Grand Modus, Nissan Cube and Mini Clubman, the Skoda can carry 480 litres with the seatings up, and 1585, litres with the seatings folded down. If you remove the back seatings completely, then there's a truly enormous 1810, litres available. Removing those back seatings is a bit of an ordeal though, due to how heavy they are. The smart money is on removing the centre bench completely, sliding the two outer seatings inwards and creating a spacious four-seater, instead of being relatively cramped for five passengers. Headroom is generous both front and back, and due to sliding back seatings, any number of permutations are possible depending on whether extra legroom or boot room is required. It's simple to get a convenient driving position, due to multi adjustable seatings and helm. For those that like to tow, the petrol engines can haul 900 litres, while the diesel models are capable of towing 1200kg,.

The Skoda Roomster Scout is pretty well equipped with 16-inch alloy wheels, an alarm system, air-con, electric and heated mirrors and privacy glass all coming as traditional, as well as roof rails, front fog lights and an stereo system that can MP3 files, as well as there being an optional socket to plug a audio player into. There's an extensive auxillary equipment list that contains heated seatings, back parking sensors, cruise control, panoramic sunroof and half leather seatings. There's even an high-tech system to carry a bicycle in the boot, which opitimises just how versatile the Skoda Roomster Scout can be.

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