Toyota Supra dimensions

Latest model: Toyota Supra (2010)
Length: 170.3 (in) = 4326 (mm)
Width: 73.2 (in) = 1859 (mm)
Height: 50.8 (in) = 1290 (mm)

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Toyota Supra details:

For 2010 the Supra looks to become a possible Electric Vehicle based on the FT HS concept car. It will still have Toyota's reliability and will definitely employ some space age exterior styling with some major technological improvements. It is doubtful as to whether or not this model will see the light of day. But if it does, there will be plenty of people in line for it.

Car enthusiasts are wondering when Toyota will officially announce its newest "21st century sports car", the 2010 Toyota Supra. There is still some question surrounding this sleek looking beauty. Will Toyota put into production a super fuel efficient model, with a gas/electric powertrain, based upon Toyota's latest concept car the hybrid FT-HS. There is certainly a strong case, considering Toyota's commitment to better environmental technology and the success of its own hybrid, the Prius.

Right now, Toyota is only talking about a hybrid powertrain for the FT-HS concept. But if put into production, it may also be offered with conventional V-6 and V-8 engines, both with lower power outputs and at cheaper price points. The 2010 Supra will most likely make use of a naturally-aspirated 3.7-litre V6 with rear wheel drive, and maybe even a twin-turbo version with 400 hp. Given the Supra's history with turbos and the current movement away from V-8s and towards boost -- that certainly could be a possibility. The hybrid power is also likely. Designers suggest that in a fuel-efficient future, a jolt of acceleration from an electric motor might become the equivalent of an injection of nitrous [2010 Toyota Supra] oxide into your gas-powered engine.

Toyota Supra coloring