Volkswagen Caddy dimensions

Latest model: Volkswagen Caddy Kombi (2011)
Length: 173.5 (in) = 4406 (mm)
Width: 70.6 (in) = 1794 (mm)
Height: 73 (in) = 1853 (mm)

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Volkswagen Caddy details:

Volkswagen Caddy Combi has not only made in the new design concept Volkswagen DNA, but also an improved interior. For the first time in the rear along with an optional third bench seat can also be removed and second row of seats.

Volkswagen Caddy Kombi ready to take on up to 7 people. Comfortable full-size seats to help passengers pass the time during long journeys. Trunk volume is 560 liters. Thanks to a flexible system of interior transformation, this figure can be increased to 2239 liters (for 5 local version). Payload seven-seat version reaches 608 kg. Only one is no room in the cabin of the car - restrictions.

The narrow streets. Dense traffic. Rhythm of work from morning till night. It is usual habitat of the new Volkswagen Caddy Combi. The basic package includes a car Servotronic steering with variable depending on the speed of the force on the steering wheel. Driving in the city now is not just easy, and very easy. Not surprisingly, the owner of the Volkswagen Caddy Kombi is never late and still is in a hurry.

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