Volkswagen Caravelle dimensions

Latest model: Volkswagen Caravelle (2011)
Length: 192.6 (in) = 4892 (mm)
Width: 75 (in) = 1904 (mm)
Height: 78.3 (in) = 1990 (mm)

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Volkswagen Caravelle details:

Volkswagen Caravelle has something to offer: plenty of space and comfort, two models with different models, and another version with a long base and even more on the Volkswagen Caravelle prostranstvom.Poezdka not only enjoyable but also safe. The high level of security supported by an impressive list of equipment, systems and tools.

Caravelle - professional solution to the problem of passenger traffic, both commercial and private, because this car is plenty of room for your guests, and for their baggage. Whichever option you choose - whether it's Caravelle Trendline or the Caravelle Comfortline - a cozy feeling of a first-class car will cover all sitting there in the first kilometers. Including sitting behind the wheel: perfect ergonomics, powerful engines and precise handling make the driver a real dream come true.

The standard equipment includes a minivan airbags, ESP (Electronic Stability Control), TCS (Traction Control Traction Control), EDL (electronic differential lock), ABS (antilock braking system), as well as the system EBC, to help cope with unexpected situations in the critical the road.

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