Volvo V70 dimensions

Latest model: Volvo V70 estate (2007)
Length: 189.9 (in) = 4823 (mm)
Width: 73.3 (in) = 1861 (mm)
Height: 60.9 (in) = 1547 (mm)

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Volvo V70 details:

Volvo V70 - this is a great car class D, which combines versatility, comfort and safety. There you will find many useful devices, many of which are standard. Volvo V70 is attractive for everyday city driving, and for the most distant and unexpected travel. This is a car for people with active lifestyles.

In order to improve the protection of children in the rear seat Volvo engineers have improved the side impact protection (SIPS): developed a strong body structure, increased the size of inflatable curtain and installed adjustable built-in pillow for extra children. Volvo V70 is equipped with advanced brake system interacting with a set of functions that provide the shortest stopping distance in all situations.

Due to the established six-cylinder engines, as well as the use of new technology turbo supercharger, you can expect an unforgettable experience of driving a new Volvo V70 in conjunction with a high level of comfort. This car shows the best ride quality on all parameters.

Volvo V70 coloring