Chery Dimensions

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A small car Chery QQ S11 is perfect for the urban environment. His colors - very bright colors (yellow, red, green, silver), which has positioned him as a youth or women's car. Exterior Chery QQ like Daewoo Matiz. Despite these dimensions, the car is quite roomy inside. Interior is much richer than the machines of the same class.

Chery Kimo A1 - it was under this name will be sold a car that its appearance heralded a new era in the compact class. The car Chery Kimo turned this cosmopolitan. If the car in general was developed in conjunction with engineers from Detroit (Chrysler Group), then the design itself was developed with world-renowned Italian automotive bodywork studio Bertone.

Chery Karry A18 - established on the basis of the model Chery Amulet. This multifunctional and, in turn, is targeted at an economical minivan 7 people. First avtombil Chery Karry was submitted in November 2006 at the International Automobile Exhibition in Beijing as a police car. Mass production began with Karry March 15, 2007.

The basis for creating an updated Chery Jaggi was the concept of "trendy mini-car" which owing to its technical characteristics, features of the body structure and chassis settings, offers a level of comfort, spaciousness in the cabin, and manageability that are characteristic liftbekam higher class.

Chery M11 Sedan - this is one of the most interesting developments in the model number of the Chinese manufacturer, which is gaining more and more popular. In Chery M11 Sedan Sedan has something of interest, because the appearance of "Chinaman" was developed with the design company with a worldwide reputation - Pininfarina.

Over the exterior of Chery Elara updated job designers, refreshing exterior design. The model has received an updated grille modern form, the form has changed the head unit lights. Model has a modified rear trunk and a more modern form of optical rear lights.

Chery Tiggo - feysliftingovaya version of the compact crossover with front-or all-wheel drive. The world premiere of the updated model was held at the Shanghai Motor Show in April 2011, while in Ukraine it debuted five months later under the "Capital Auto Show." The result was a restyling Tiggo bumper design, LED falshradiatornoy lattice and headlamps.

Chery Beat - a compact front-wheel drive crossover, built on the passenger platform of the B-Class. The general public for the first time the model shown in April 2009 at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Feysliftingovaya version of the Chery Amulet has received a number of updates from both the exterior and interior design as well as technically. The design of the exterior changes occurred that affected the grille and front bumper form. The interior design changes were made the instrument panel and center console, as well as an updated model of the three-spoke steering wheel was.

Chery A13 was created according to the automaker's four principles of the eastern, called «4S»: safety, sporty, science, space. Each of these words is embodied in this model and these same principles guided the automaker to create other avtoombiley.

Chery CrossEastar B14, has all of the terms of the modern car: power, elegance, comfort and luxury. In the seven-seat MPV Chery CrossEastar installed Mitsubishi engine cylinder capacity of 2.4l. and the power of 130 hp, which allows you to overclock the car to 180 km / h and 4stupenchataya automatic transmission. Fuel consumption is Cherie KrossIstar 12L. in the urban mode and only 8l. beyond.