Dodge Dimensions

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The design of the Dodge Viper uses unusual materials that would be suitable for the modern action movie filming. Thus, the front and rear bumpers and fenders are made of lightweight composite material (RIM). The supports of the wings are made of carbon fiber, so they are durable and low mass. The most noticeable decrease in weight Dodge Viper - 15.

Dodge Nitro SUV burst into a segment of the middle class like a rocket! This car was created adventurers, its provocative design raises his iron heart yearns for adventure! Should I be the same when you can stand out and become a leader? Dodge Nitro on the hood as a symbol of rebellion, the emblem is branded Dodge.

Dodge Journey - a real American car. The impressive appearance, a huge living area, which can easily be converted into a bedroom, and the obligatory presence of six-cylinder engine. Despite the large size of the Journey is built on a platform of a compact crossover Caliber. The interior of the Dodge Journey at the richness of finishing and equipping said at all about this car is utilitarian.

In the company's Dodge confident that a large family car should not condemn the owner of boredom on the road. Therefore, engineers have modified the brand thoroughly reconfigured and all suspension components model Dodge Grand Caravan, motor mechanics radically revised its engine line, and stylists skillfully adjusted imidzh.

Dodge Durango is built on a long platform car Jeep Grand Cherokee, which in turn uses the upgraded chassis Mercedes-Benz ML.Vnedorozhnik comes with two petrol engines. The base engine Dodge Durango is a 3.6-liter "six" of the family of Pentastar, developing 260 horsepower. Masthead - 360-horsepower HEMI eight-unit volume of 5.

Streamlined and aerodynamic exterior design inspired by the Dodge Charger of the second generation cars produced in the 60s of last century. Grille and the entire front part of the model is attacking. In the "muscular" profile - a tribute to the traditions of sports cars, the designers took into account the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle.

Dodge Challenger - iconic American car, which was popular back in the 70s. Coupe love for the powerful 425-horsepower Hemi engine and a pretty good handling. Dodge Challenger design can be defined as a classic, because it largely follows the model of 1970. Similar features are the long hood, four round headlights, narrow grille, tail lights the entire width of the body.

Dodge Caliber redefines compact cars, which combines revolutionary design, efficient use of interior space, transformable interior, innovative features and affordable price. Caliber allows its owner to be active, do more and stand out among others. Dodge Caliber's appearance turned out muscular, bright and zaponimayuscheysya.

Dodge Avenger - Sedan c energetic and aggressive style. An updated version of the Dodge Avenger is different from the previous one, according to new bumpers - they were spared from chopped in favor of smooth surfaces. Another interesting element of the exterior - the radiator grille, the center of which was furnished corporate label brands.