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Ferrari 430 Ferrari Scuderia Coupe offers the following pros: Ferrari 430 Ferrari Scuderia Coupe drawbacks are:.

The first shake-down has been held at Fiorano of a very special one-off, the Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta, built for an American client.

The high-tech Ferrari FXX programme, based on the eponymous prototype vehicle and launched by Ferrari in June 2005, is being extended to 2008/2009. The Ferrari FXX, which is the most advanced GT ever created at Maranello, has been revised with an evolution suite aimed at further improving its handling and performance.

The 81st Geneva International Motor Show played host to the unveiling of two major new Prancing Horse innovations: the revolutionary Ferrari FF, a four-wheel drive four-seater with a mid-front V12 that is the most comprehensive and versatile vehicle Ferrari has ever built, and the 458 Italia sporting the HELE (high Emotions Low Emissions) System which cuts CO2 to just 275 g/km.

The latest car from the Prancing Horse, the 612 Scaglietti, is the product an avant-garde design that continues Ferrari's long and honorable tradition in the 2+2 sector. Although designed by Pininfarina, the new model is named after the great Sergio Scaglietti, the Modenese coachbuilder and stylist who penned some of the most beautiful Ferraris ever, during the 1950 and 1960's.

The key components of the Ferrari 575M Maranello can be neatly summed up in the model name. In fact, the motor is described by the new numerical code, 575, as this is an abbreviated indication of its capacity, increased from 5500 to 5750 cc, resulting in an increase in both performance and torque.

Ferrari 550 Convertible offers the following pros: Ferrari 550 Convertible drawbacks are:.

Ferrari 456M Coupe offers the following pros: Ferrari 456M Coupe drawbacks are:.

Ferrari 575M Coupe offers the following pros: Ferrari 575M Coupe drawbacks are:.

At the 2003 Geneva Auto Show, Ferrari released an upgrade package for their 360 Modena. Since that time, the Challenge Stradale option has been a must for customers buying a 360 late in the production line. So what does the extra $46 000 USD bring to the table? It is first necessary to take a look at the exceptional automobile upon which this car is based.

Ferrari Enzo Coupe offers the following pros: Ferrari Enzo Coupe drawbacks are:.

With its free-revving V12 and racecar-like cornering capability, the 2010 Ferrari 599 GTB can match the world's best exotics for performance. Yet it also boasts a premium cab and a reasonably supple ride. Ferrari 599 Coupe offers the following pros: Blazing V12 acceleration; track-ready handling; sumptuous interior; daily-driver ride comfort; getting to say you own a Ferrari 599.

Available as a convertible or a slightly racier coupe, the 2012 Ferrari 458 Italia sets the bar for V8-powered exotics. Ferrari 458 Italia Convertible offers the following pros: Unparalleled mix of style, performance and agility; brilliant transmission; finely crafted cab.

The 2009 Ferrari 430 Scuderia is what happens when a serious performance-car company decides to weed out the wannabes. Let's start with two features it doesn't have: a radio or anything worthy of being called "sound-deadening material." If you're a Beverly Hills weenie, Ferrari seems to be saying help yourself to the regular F430, preferably in convertible form.

Quickly, convenient and exciting, the 2010 Ferrari California is the most well-rounded grand touring convertible in the company's storied history. It's certainly not the prettiest, though.