Lotus Dimensions

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The 2011 Lotus Evora is the world's only four-seat midengine sports vehicle. Super-sharp handling and cool acceleration are the order of the day, but the catch is that the back seating is essentially there for decoration. Lotus Evora Coupe offers the following pros: Racetrack-oriented design; razor-sharp handling; good fuel efficiency.

The new entry level Lotus Europa is priced at £27950, MSRP / 37500, with the range topping Lotus Europa SE available for a competitive £32995, MSRP / 41500, (euro prices are without taxes, delivery & other related costs). These new Lotus Europa variants have been developed and designed especially for European buyers and will be sold exclusively across Europe from June 2008.

The Lotus Esprit V8 used Lotus' self designed type 918 3. 5 L twin turbo motor, in front of the same Renault transmission as before. Derek Bell designed an uprated gearbox that overcomes a lot of the gearbox problems with a much thicker single piece input shaft Performance was up to 355 bhp (265 Kw), however the capability of the 918 motor was limited by the fragility of the Renault transmission.

The face-lifted 2011 Lotus Elise provides incredible handling and overall performance without breaking the bank. Just don't expect too much in the way of convenience and comfort. Lotus Elise Convertible offers the following pros: Super-sharp handling; telepathic steering; relatively modest price; relatively good fuel efficiency.

The 2011 Lotus Exige introduces one of the most engaging vehicles built today, but its focus on performance means convenience and comfort are low among its priorities. Lotus Exige Coupe offers the following pros: Ultralight weight; super-sharp steering; good fuel efficiency; uncompromising sports-car performance.

Launched at the 77th annual Geneva International Motor Show in 2007, the Lotus 2-eleven is aimed at the true track day enthusiast, taking Colin Chapman's philosophy of Performance Via Light Weight to its most extreme level yet.