Oldsmobile Dimensions

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Oldsmobile's Oldsmobile Intrigue was one of Gm's most promising offers when it was launched in 1998, but class stumbling blocks and a muddled make identity helped to quash sales hopes. Now that the bugs are ironed out, the Oldsmobile Intrigue is planned to die at the end of this year.

With nearly identical models available from GMC and Chevrolet, we don't see any compelling reason to buy the soon-to-be-discontinued Oldsmobile Bravada. Oldsmobile Bravada SUV offers the following pros: Comprehensive motor, long list of traditional features, plush highway ride.

The best soon-to-be-discontinued sedan on the sphere. Oldsmobile Aurora Sedan offers the following pros: Sophisticated performance plant, sumptuous dashboard, convenient ride. Oldsmobile Aurora Sedan drawbacks are: Poor resale value, create class not quite up to that of the competition.

The Oldsmobile Alero features appealing look-and-feel, capable engines and extensive traditional equipment, but it's hard to recommend a vehicle in its last year of production. Oldsmobile Alero Coupe offers the following pros: Sleek look-and-feel, brisk performance and handling, user-friendly cockpit layout, well-equipped traditional model.

Even though the Oldsmobile Silhouette is destined to die as GM phases out Oldsmobile, this is one minivan that deserves careful consideration, especially if you're looking for a premium, fully equipped all-wheel-drive model. Oldsmobile Silhouette Minivan offers the following pros: Available all-wheel drive, generous list of traditional and auxillary features, fold-flat third-row bench.