Volkswagen Dimensions

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Volkswagen began its designs for the up! with a clean sheet of paper, giving them the freedom to make it quite original. It's slightly longer than most of its city vehicle competition and has big 15 or 16-inch wheels, pushed right out to every corner. Volkswagen claims it looked to the world of offering layout for inspiration, instead of other Volkswagen or rival vehicles.

The Volkswagen Sharan is a modern take on the conventional people carrier recipe, with look-and-feel to match. A strong horizontal grille and clear headlight lenses give the nose a technical look. Viewed from the side, the Volkswagen Sharan is dominated by its big windows, which give the vehicle a less top heavy look.

While the Volkswagen Scirocco is getting to be a more common sight, the R is likely to remain rare on Britain's roads and gets lots of attention. With its spoked alloy wheels filling the arches, the R looks like a life-sized Hot Wheels model. The rest of the look changes are subtle but add up to make the most-expensive Volkswagen Scirocco more aggressive.

The 2009 Volkswagen Rabbit is a compact hatchback available with two or four doors, every with a single trim level (known as S).

Volkswagen Multivan - representative of the full-size vans, which is known for his versatility. It combines the comfort of a limousine, van and truck capacity of the quality of the van. A look that would feel sympathy for the Multivan, because it all done to make the first impression was strong.

The Volkswagen Lupo is a city vehicle produced by Volkswagen. It was presented in 1998 to fill a gap at the bottom of the Volkswagen model range caused by the increasing size and weight of the Volkswagen Polo. Competitors include the Ford Ka, the Opel Agila and the Fiat Panda. The Volkswagen Lupo was a badge-engineered version of the Seat Arosa.

The 2012 Volkswagen Jetta is spacious and more cheap than ever. But there's also not a whole lot to help this sedan stand out against other more dynamic rivals. Volkswagen Jetta Diesel offers the following pros: Roomy dashboard and trunk; well-equipped; smart controls interface; economical diesel model.

Despite our test car's bright yellow paint, this 3. 83 metre-long 3-door hathcback doesn't stand out from its closest rivals; but looks like a neat, nippy city vehicle. Nonetheless, think of it as the Polo's younger cousin, but without the presence it has far less character than the Lupo it changes. The dashboard is a various Matter␦.

The Volkswagen Eos deserves more consideration than it gets. It provides the features and create class of a more expensive luxury model, making it a smart choice for drop-top sun seekers. Volkswagen Eos Convertible offers the following pros: High-tech retractable hardtop with integrated sunroof; solid dashboard quality; strong and efficient engine; ample option content.

It is well recognized style, striking design and a name - updated Volkswagen Crafter Kombi opens a new era of large "carriers", as the successor to the popular and proven Volkswagen Crafter of the first generation. His name speaks for itself. Crafter - the giant branch of commercial vehicles Volkswagen. Remember the model name is in harmony with its bright appearance.

Volkswagen CC - a premium sedan class "E" with front-or all-wheel drive. Restyling version of the model, the Passat has lost the prefix in the name, made its debut at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in November 2011. Minor updates have touched bumpers, headlights and rear head-optic lights SS.

Volkswagen Caddy Combi has not only made in the new design concept Volkswagen DNA, but also an improved interior. For the first time in the rear along with an optional third bench seat can also be removed and second row of seats. Volkswagen Caddy Kombi ready to take on up to 7 people. Comfortable full-size seats to help passengers pass the time during long journeys. Trunk volume is 560 liters.

As with the new version of the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle coupe, there's nothing too revolutionary here. But mild look-and-feel and engineering changes along with an open top should reignite some modern and nostalgic interest. Volkswagen Beetle Convertible offers the following pros: Nostalgic profile with modern lines; peppy engines; sun-up, top-down motoring.

Volkswagen Amarok, with its highly advanced TDI engines - all boosted direct injection engines - will set new standards when it comes to fuel efficiency and emissions. The pickup's active and passive security systems and comfort features all match up to passenger vehicle levels. Yet the Volkswagen Amarok is extremely rugged.

Refreshing a daring design, the unique world of colors and features make the Volkswagen Cross Polo is very attractive and the most individual in its segment. The modern interior of the Volkswagen Cross Polo, happy quality, an additional amount, identity, and enhanced functionality. Proceedings of the cockpit pleasant to the touch.

The jury is out on whether this is an all-new Volkswagen Touran as Volkswagen claims or an extensive facelift on the existing model. From the outside it is slightly various, due to the new family face made up of horizontal grille bars, a more angular bumper and big lower air intake but it's very traditional elsewhere.

Volkswagen Caravelle has something to offer: plenty of space and comfort, two models with different models, and another version with a long base and even more on the Volkswagen Caravelle prostranstvom.Poezdka not only enjoyable but also safe. The high level of security supported by an impressive list of equipment, systems and tools.

The Volkswagen Polo GTI exterior is unmistakable, so much so that casual observers may first of all think that the Volkswagen Polo GTI is a Golf. That’s because it has been garnished with the same add-ons, including sporty five-spoke alloys, bigger bumpers and side sills, a chromed exhaust pipe and red detailing on a honeycomb front grille.

The Volkswagen Phaeton received a new exterior in 2011, which gives it Volkswagen's latest exterior. That means sleek, angular headlights with LED sidelights integrated into them, while the back gets back lights reminiscent of the latest Golf.

The Volkswagen GTI is one of the best-known budget performance cars sold in America. For more than 25 years, Volkswagen has been taking its entry-level, economy car-based two-door hatchback model and turning it into a GTI by adding a more powerful engine and brakes, a sport-tuned suspension, and special interior and exterior trim pieces.

Developed and engineered in Germany but made in America for Americans, the refactored 2012 Volkswagen Passat deserves serious consideration from midsize family sedan shoppers. Volkswagen Passat Diesel offers the following pros: Spacious backseat; available economical turbodiesel engine; many upscale features come standard; luxury cab.

It may cost more than comparatively equipped competitors, but the 2012 Volkswagen Golf sweats the details and offers a level of refinement that few can possibly match. Volkswagen Golf Diesel offers the following pros: Impressive cab materials and construction; economical diesel engine; roomy hatchback body style; refined driving dynamics.

The 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan provides a various flavor in a bland segment by trading some practicality for a top-notch cab and European driving manners. Volkswagen Tiguan SUV offers the following pros: Composed ride and handling; luxury cab appointments; lively turbocharged engine; solid create class. Volkswagen Tiguan SUV drawbacks are: Shy on trunk space; pricey compared to the competition.

Delivering a surprising level of luxury, the 2012 Volkswagen Touareg is a serious rival among more established high-end marques. Volkswagen Touareg Diesel offers the following pros: Confident driving dynamics; high-class interior; cool equipment roster; comprehensive and economical motor options; high towing capacity.