Hyundai EON vs Kia Picanto

Hyundai EON
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 137.6 (3495)
Width: 61 (1550)
Height: 61 (1550)

Kia Picanto
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 141.5 (3595)
Width: 62.8 (1595)
Height: 58.3 (1480)

Compare Hyundai EON vs Kia Picanto (1:1)

Hyundai EON (Khyunday EON) is a siti-kar of class of «A», developed Indian subdivision of company in town Khaydarabad. Above all things car of prednaznachyaen for the market of India, but is for sale and in other countries. The debut of siti-kar took place on October, 13, 2011 in Delhi.

The exterior of EON (in translation from English is eternity, era) is executed in accordance with brandname philosophy of design of Hyundai are the «Streaming lines». However, before finally determined with the exterior of car, designers conducted consultations with the Indian motor-car experts and analysed the preferences of buyers of internal market.

Hyundai EON is presented in six acquisitions. A base equipment does not differ the wide set of equipment, however in more dear executions his list is substantially increased and plugs in itself both facilities of safety and multimedia devices.
Kia is a make with confidence and the company's layout director Peter Schreyer – the man responsible for the first Audi TT – has thrown away those timid first drafts of the Kia Picanto and poured ample amounts of style into this new small, geometric shell. It still isn't character busting like a Fiat 500, even if the Alice Blue paint provides more than a hint of Cinquecento. But it's fresh and more recognisable with a lot of of references that route it firmly within the new Kia family of Cee'd and Sportage. All vehicles get body-coloured bumpers, front fog lamps and 14-inch alloys too, so there's no marking out the poverty spec examples in the vehicle park. It's also worth noting that come September, Kia will release its first ever 3-door version of the Kia Picanto.

The 5-door Kia Picanto provides a quite staggering amount of room for such a tiny footprint. Ergonomics are impressive all round and drivers get a height adjustable bench, rake and reach-adjustable helm and even room to rest your clutch foot. On the flipside, the back leg space might have fully grown adults complaining after a long stint plus the boot is so narrowly shaped and the boot lip awkwardly high, that only Tetris games masters will be able to get the best out of its 200-litre capacity.

versions range rather simply from 1-3, entry-level 1 forgoing electric back windows or air-con. Trim level 