Oldsmobile Silhouette vs Chevrolet Venture

Oldsmobile Silhouette
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 190.3 (4834)
Width: 72 (1829)
Height: 70 (1778)

Chevrolet Venture
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 204.3 (5189)
Width: 72 (1829)
Height: 72 (1829)

Compare Oldsmobile Silhouette vs Chevrolet Venture (1:1)

Even though the Oldsmobile Silhouette is destined to die as GM phases out Oldsmobile, this is one minivan that deserves careful consideration, especially if you're looking for a premium, fully equipped all-wheel-drive model. Oldsmobile Silhouette Minivan offers the following pros: Available all-wheel drive, generous list of traditional and auxillary features, fold-flat third-row bench. Oldsmobile Silhouette Minivan drawbacks are: Spotty create and materials class in the cab, poor offset crash test score, poor resale value.
Not terribly refined, but loaded with value, the Chevy Chevrolet Venture is a solid minivan if you don't need all the latest features and gadgets. Chevrolet Venture Minivan offers the following pros: Carlike ride and handling, power-sliding doors, eight-passenger seats feature, available DVD entertainment system. Chevrolet Venture Minivan drawbacks are: Flimsy modular seatings, poor dashboard fit and finish, ABS not traditional, coarse motor character, mixed crash test results.