Renault Clio vs Opel Corsa

Renault Clio
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 157.1 (3991)
Width: 69.6 (1768)
Height: 58.4 (1484)

Opel Corsa
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 157.4 (3999)
Width: 76.5 (1944)
Height: 58.5 (1487)

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The facelifted Renault Clio offers an impressive base for this sporty model, which adds a racy gloss black stripe to the car's nose. Exterior at the wide, squat back wheelarches and you remember its much-loved ancestor, the Renault Clio V6 Renaultsport. A diffuser mounted between the twin exhausts continues the sporting exterior but it isn't just for show. It reduces lift, pressing the tyres into the ground to generate grip. But you need to be doing 80mph for it to produce an effective load of 40kg, so it's something that's only really going to be of use on the track.

It's a hot hatch so you can have an enjoyable drive and you can also drop the back seatings and lug decent-sized loads around. The Recaro seatings don't fold as far forward as those in the regular Renault Clio, making life more difficult for rear bench passengers, particularly when it comes to getting out. But life in the rear is not so bad head space and leg space are both fairly decent given the small dimensions of the vehicle. There's only space (and seat belts) for two, however.

In order to keep the weight down and maximise performance, 
The Opel Corsa's makeover continues: following the overhaul of everything under its skin in 2010, Opel's successful small vehicle is getting a new wardrobe in 2011. A refactored face lends it a sportier, expressive exterior, making it instantly recognizable as a member of the new Opel family. New look colours and dashboard looks as well as a great provide of individualized, sporty versions make it more appealing than ever. The Opel Corsa now also comes with a new, multimedia infotainment system named Touch & Connect that features a five-inch color touch display, full navigation coverage for 28 European countries, Bluetooth, Ipod and USB connections at a very competitive price tag.

While all engines have been reworked in 2010 to provide more performance with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, a new 70 Kw/ 95 hp Ecoflex 1. 3 CDTI version now equipped with Start/stop technology further increases the Opel Corsa's overall efficiency: The 3-door version only requires 3. 5 liters diesel per 100 km and emits just 94 g/km CO2. Start/stop technology especially allows a reduction in fuel consumption in urban traffic - at 4. 2 liter/100 km versus 4. 6 l/100 km previously for the Opel Corsa 1. 3 CDTI Ecoflex emitting 98 g/km CO.

A major player in the European sphere since 1982, the Opel Corsa provides one of the widest offering ranges in the small vehicle segment. It comes in two distinct body styles: the coupé-like 3-door, the family friendly 5-door, and a commercial variant named Opel Corsavan. Inside the cab, it continuously seduces with one of the roomiest and most appealing dashboards in its class. The Opel Corsa also provides many high-tech features not provided by its peers - like a heated helm or the integrated bicycle carrier Flexfix - as well as many that are rarely available in the segment like halogen Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL), Hill Start Assist and a panorama sunroof.