Suzuki Jimny vs Chevrolet Niva

Suzuki Jimny
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 143.5 (3645)
Width: 63 (1600)
Height: 67.1 (1705)

Chevrolet Niva
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 151.3 (3844)
Width: 70.9 (1800)
Height: 65 (1652)

Compare Suzuki Jimny vs Chevrolet Niva (1:1)

Suzuki Jimny - a true vehicle for rough terrain. Sturdy frame step type is a solid foundation for serious off-road performance. Her tough three-section structure provides resistance movement and settlement of strikes on the road. In conjunction with eight fastening body pillow, smooth engine running and well-designed sound insulation, rigid frame makes Suzuki Dzhimni as quiet as a family sedan.

Hard wide beam axle Suzuki Jimny provides a simple but significant advantage. When one wheel encounters an obstacle, the wheel on the other side of the bridge stronger pressed to the ground, thus increasing the contact surface. As a result - superior traction on any terrain. The frame rests on a highly trehrychazhnuyu suspension, which copes equally well with high-speed turns and mountainous hills. Separate shock absorbers and springs increase suspension travel and provide a smoother operation. Suspension works during the motion of elastic and at the same time, gently, providing a high level of comfort of the occupants.

On the flat and bumpy road, high performance design makes driving is equally easy for both professionals and novices. Suzuki Dzhimni should go where you specify it. Power steering not only helps with abrupt maneuvers, but also allows you to keep a clear path. The car slows down as smoothly as gaining speed. High-performance brakes are used on all wheels.
The Chevy Niva is built in a joint-venture with Russia's number-two automaker, AvtoVAZ, and it's loosely based on the Soviet-era LADA Niva that's been the Eastern bloc's personal 4x4 of choice since its launch in 1977. Both are unibody trucks with control-arm front and live-axle rear suspensions, and each comes standard with a five-speed stick and two-range transfer case. Relative to the U.S. market's smallest true 4x4, the Suzuki Grand Vitara, the Niva is 16.4 inches shorter, on an 8.3-inch-longer wheelbase-good for smoothing out rough roads.

Short gearing helps the sturdy fuel-injected 1.7-liter four's 95 horses simulate brisk acceleration off the line, but overall performance is best described as deliberate. Average fuel economy on the Euro cycles is almost 23 mpg, which gives drivers about 350 miles to find the next gas stop. A high steering ratio with plenty of turns lock-to-lock minimizes kickback on rocky roads, and the brake pedal travels rather far before any retardation is felt.

Yet, for the money (a loaded one with power front windows, air-conditioning, and heated seats front and rear tops out just under $14,000), its popularity is understandable. Not only are 35,000 of them bought and paid for each year, but almost six percent of those wind up stolen.