Volkswagen Fox vs Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Fox
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 150.7 (3828)
Width: 65.4 (1660)
Height: 60.8 (1544)

Volkswagen Polo
Dimensions: in (mm)
Lenght: 156.3 (3970)
Width: 66.2 (1682)
Height: 57.6 (1462)

Compare Volkswagen Fox vs Volkswagen Polo (1:1)

Despite our test car's bright yellow paint, this 3. 83 metre-long 3-door hathcback doesn't stand out from its closest rivals; but looks like a neat, nippy city vehicle. Nonetheless, think of it as the Polo's younger cousin, but without the presence it has far less character than the Lupo it changes. The dashboard is a various Matter␦.

The lack of a central back bench offers room for a small cargo space and a couple of cup holders. A worthy trade-off if you're a couple of drink-carrying passengers, but not if you're trying to fit a family inside. Overall there's a lot of of room, and the boot is generous for a vehicle of this size.

CD player, electric windows and ABS as traditional make this model a cut above its Non-urban counterpart. additionally the Volkswagen Fox boasts remote central-locking, speed-sensitive power-steering and a lot of of cup holders.
The Volkswagen Polo GTI exterior is unmistakable, so much so that casual observers may first of all think that the Volkswagen Polo GTI is a Golf. That’s because it has been garnished with the same add-ons, including sporty five-spoke alloys, bigger bumpers and side sills, a chromed exhaust pipe and red detailing on a honeycomb front grille. The front lamps are new too, though you pay extra for the LED daytime running lights. While the Volkswagen Polo GTI comes as traditional with three doors, you can have a 5-door model as well. It doesn’t exterior quite as sporty, however.

While the dashboard of the Volkswagen Polo is roomy enough, don’t think it’ll replace a Golf easily; the Volkswagen Polo is still a small vehicle. It compares well to its competitors, which include the Renaultsport Clio, Seat Ibiza Cupra and Skoda Fabia Vrs. However, the Volkswagen Polo’s boot is the smallest of the lot at 280 litres. At least the back seatings fold away to create more room.

The Volkswagen Polo GTI has everything you need in a junior hot hatch. The standout features are the look-and-feel tweaks that make it a GTI, though it may be worth investing in a set of leather sports seatings to really lift the dashboard. However, you’re also paying for the Volkswagen badge on the nose, as the identically powered Seat and Skoda alternatives are cheaper to buy.