Alfa Romeo 156 dimensions

Latest model: Alfa Romeo 156 Saloon (2005)
Length: 174.8 (in) = 4441 (mm)
Width: 68.6 (in) = 1743 (mm)
Height: 56.3 (in) = 1430 (mm)

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Alfa Romeo 156 details:

The 156 is the alternative to the rather dull executive saloons and will always stand out from the crowd. Its coupé-style bodywork is beautifully designed with a healthy dose of typical Italian flair. But the Alfa is more than just style, it delivers great driving pleasure too and although not as sharp as some of its German rivals, it simply oozes charm and character. What's not so welcome is the patchy build quality, cramped interior and so-so reliability. But if you want something different, the 156 makes a great choice.
Alfa Romeo 156 coloring