Alfa Romeo 166 dimensions

Latest model: Alfa Romeo 166 (2004)
Length: 185.8 (in) = 4719 (mm)
Width: 70.9 (in) = 1801 (mm)
Height: 55.7 (in) = 1415 (mm)

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Alfa Romeo 166 details:

The main Alfa Romeo 166, created at the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, expresses harmony of form and content while combining the elegance of a great saloon with the sports traits of a coupé. The new Alfa Romeo 166 complements these successful features with dashboard and look aesthetic motifs of great visual impact. The dashboard trim and look colour matches are also very sophisticated.

The car's imposing front end has been fully refactored and now resembles its smaller brother - the Alfa Romeo 156. The tall shield, i.e., now forms the conventional Alfa three-part motif in conjunction with the two side air intakes. This motif marks a family resemblance to more recent models while enabling the Alfa Romeo Style Centre to reclaim and reinterpret distinctive traits from the company's illustrious past.

As on the previous model, two converging ribs delimit and emphasise a central bulge that hints at the presence of the comprehensive, beefy motor beneath. The side view of the new Alfa Romeo 166 features some of the chrome trim that was present on the previous model: i. on the door handles, roof outline and door sills. Not to mention the fact the outline immediately conveys an impression of a vehicle that is strong, compact and firmly anchored to the ground. At the same time, the extensive metal space prevails over the glass and makes the car exterior like a coupé from the side.

Alfa Romeo 166 coloring