Alfa Romeo 8C dimensions

Latest model: Alfa Romeo 8C Spider (2009)
Length: 172.5 (in) = 4381 (mm)
Width: 74.6 (in) = 1894 (mm)
Height: 51.5 (in) = 1308 (mm)

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Alfa Romeo 8C details:

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider made its debut at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. Like the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, the Gran Turismo which received resounding global applause, the new discovery will be manufactured in a limited edition run of 500.

Elaborated by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, the new vehicle re-affirms the brand's excellence in this sector, as shown by some Spider's being regarded among the most beautiful vehicles in global auto history. Vehicles such as the Giulietta Spider from the 50's or the legendary Duetto made famous by The Graduate from 1967 with a young Dustin Hoffman. Today, it's the Alfa Romeo 8C Spider's turn to take centre stage and project into the future the values of technology and emotion which belong to the Alfa Romeo legacy.

Obviously, the new car inherits all the winning features of the Coupè version. Starting with the two sport seatings setup and the fascinating look lines, which characterized by sculpted and finely developed bodywork, dress the auto and mechanical excellence of the model.

Alfa Romeo 8C coloring