Alfa Romeo Spider dimensions

Latest model: Alfa Romeo Spider (2006)
Length: 173 (in) = 4393 (mm)
Width: 72 (in) = 1830 (mm)
Height: 51.9 (in) = 1318 (mm)

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Alfa Romeo Spider details:

The Alfa Romeo Spider or convertible has an hight-priority place in Alfa Romeo tradition (starting with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Alfa Romeo Spider in the 1950s and going on to the Duetto and the Alfa Romeo Spider launched in the 1990s), because it has always embodied the 'free emotive' expression of the vehicle.

And the new model reiterates the same theme, a natural evolution of the convertibles created by Alfa Romeo in its long history, vehicles that have always manufactured strong emotions, guaranteeing extremely entertaining driving and combining superb look-and-feel with the performance of comprehensive, elastic engines. And the new Alfa Romeo Spider is no exception: it has the same 'essentially simple' character of a true sports vehicle, combined with the technological superiority of the 'new Alfa breed.

Alfa Romeo Spider coloring