Audi A2 dimensions

Latest model: Audi A2 (2003)
Length: 150.6 (in) = 3826 (mm)
Width: 65.9 (in) = 1673 (mm)
Height: 61.1 (in) = 1553 (mm)

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Audi A2 details:

The Audi A2 is a luxury supremini manufactured by Audi from 1999 to 2005. The last vehicles left the Neckarsulm plant in July 2005.

The Audi A2 is considered to be ahead of its time in layout terms—but the avant-garde look-and-feel has not won favour with buyers.

Audi was reported to be disappointed with the level of sales; The final production is estimated to be 175000 units. In comparison to competitor Mercedes-Benz' A-class sales of 1 million, this unhappiness on the part of Audi is not surprising.

Audi A2 coloring