Audi S3 dimensions

Latest model: Audi S3 hatchback (2006)
Length: 165.9 (in) = 4214 (mm)
Width: 69.5 (in) = 1765 (mm)
Height: 55.1 (in) = 1399 (mm)

Compare Audi S3 dimensions to: Volkswagen Golf, BMW M3, BMW 130i

Audi S3 details:

The 3-door Audi S3 is a handsome vehicle, which has been face-lifted to keep it looking up-to-date. Changes included Audi's tremendous new front grille and the addition of daytime-running LED lights. To signify its S-performance, there are silver door mirrors and big alloy wheels, but in keeping with Audi tradition, it's a subtle performance makeover.

The 281-litre boot isn't too small, and folding the back seatings down gives more than 1000, litres of room. Competitors are more roomy though, with the BMW 1 Series product 330 litres of room when the seating is up.

The traditional equipment list contains electric windows, trip computer, conditioning, Cd/radio and leather heated front seatings, but surprisingly for such an expensive model, you pay extra for sat-nav, Ipod connectivity and a CD autochanger.

Audi S3 coloring